“Pourrais-je vous prendre en photo , s’il vous plaît ?”


I had a couple of short/medium-term projects planned for this year – however, due to a few personal issues I’ve been unable to concentrate on them. Consequently, they’ve been either put on hold, or cancelled altogether. Photography projects are no different to any other creative venture, such as filmmaking, writing a novel or making an album… some ideas take-off, others don’t.

This September I’m going to be heading down to south-west France, to the coastline that runs almost dead-straight from Lacanau Océan, just south of Bordeaux, to San Sebastián, in the far north of Atlantic Spain. I’ve spent a lot of time along this stretch of coastline, but never really explored it properly. I’ve seen, but only driven past, a lot of things that interest me… intrigue me. What intrigues me most are the communities of surfers who live out of camper vans, estate cars and tents for months at a time… Where do they all come from? What do they do when they aren’t surfing? Where do they go back to after the big north Atlantic swell has gone? This autumn I’d like to find-out. I’ll spend a couple of months living out of a camper van myself, doing what I like most – meeting strangers, having a chat and a beer, and photographing them.

If you, or anyone you know, is in the area between September and November, please get in touch, I’d love to photograph you.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 15.21.09 img016img9192


  1. Helen Hall

    “Phil Kneen, the best photographer you’ve never heard of” – that’s how one of my students described you! And he was right – why aren’t you internationally famous?! Your portraits are simply stunning, and frankly, world class. I adore your work.

    BTW – this trip sounds awesome! Oh to live your life!

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