Shake it like a Polaroid picture…


instax_polaroid_portrait_band_musicI sent a batch of films off to be developed in Germany about three weeks ago – they were supposed to be developed and scanned, the negatives hermetically stored and the high-resolution files emailed back to me, all within 10 working days. This has not been the case. This isn’t the kind of tardy, lacklustre performance I’d expect from our super-efficient Euro-neighbours, but then I realised that half the population of Germany are here on the Isle of Man, watching the TT motorcycle races and pissing in shop doorways. The stench of urine I can tolerate – the shoddy service at this particular pro’ film lab, I can not. I have clients waiting.

So, this week my instant film fun continues with the Fuji Instax Wide 300. I’ve just realised that this camera has a very slow, fixed f14 lens – so I’m seeing the best results when using it outside on bright sunny days – which is a shame, because bright sunny days here on the Isle of Man are rare. I’ve used the camera on a couple of band promo’ shoots this week – personally I’m very pleased with the results, although I know they aren’t to everyone’s taste. A good friend said to me, as she vigorously shook an instant print I’d just taken of her,  “I don’t like these Polaroid pictures you’re doing, they look like a kid took them…” – I pretended not to be upset and deflected the insult by pointing-out that shaking the ‘Polaroid’ picture wouldn’t make it develop any quicker, it would just bend it and make it difficult to scan.

I’ve had a lot of interest in the Fuji Instax Wide 300, especially as to its price – I was actually given mine by a Fuji rep’. However, I do know that they are relatively inexpensive – around £100 in the UK. I assume the theory is that you can only buy Fuji film for these cameras, which is £15 for a pack of 20 shots – so, by making the cameras financially accessible to more people they eventually sell a lot more film? I have to say though that the camera has the quality feel of a Fisher Price toy, so I’d probably resent spending over £100 for it anyway. Here’s some instant film I shot this week. 10333534_895062100567081_1935339404182977073_o-2img299 Untitled-1img301img285


  1. I think your friend is very wrong! There’s nothing ‘kid-like’ about these photos at all. You make it look easy, Phil, and that’s what puts you at the top of the tree, give the same camera and subject to anyone else and you’d get photos that look look like they were shot by a kid. Your skill isn’t just in the technical, your skill lies in your ability to connect with your subject in a way that very few (and I mean VERY few) photographers can. Even the way you montage the shots is masterful.

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  2. Funny to to read about those bloody Germans who piss everywhere they go on your beautiful island. Could be that there are no public restrooms available? Been many times in india and was a eye witness of such behavior. Not sure where the brave man of the isle man are going to “piss”? Looks like you are very pissed because this German lab is not functioning like it should. Better fuck off and buy British!


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