Instant Gratification #2


photo-2img265A new toy arrived yesterday – the Fuji Instax Wide 300. I’ve used an older incarnation of this camera over the last few years, the 210. I think the underwear in both models is basically the same, however the outer garments are quite different. Fuji have given the 300 a retro, rangefinder look, which is actually quite pleasing to the eye. I find the 300 slightly easier to use too, the mechanism to change the two focus distances is on a knurled ‘focus ring’ that looks like a proper lens ring. Another addition is an add-on close-up lens, which I missed a lot on the 210 (Maybe there was one? Maybe in my impatience to use the camera I threw it away in the box along with the instructions? Highly likely). There is a focus ‘sweet spot’ with the close-up lens – but as with the two focus distances, I just haven’t quite found them yet. One other very noticeable difference in the two models I’ve used is the exposure control – the 300 gives much more accurate exposures, both with and without flash. I like the 300, a lot.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know how much I love instant film, so I won’t bore anyone with yet another rant of passion about the pros and pros of instant film photography. All the shots here were made in the last 24 hours, using two packs of film (2×10)

img271img267 img262 img278 img282img281 img261 img283 img268


  1. Amazing. But now I found its defects. Always under-expo. Maybe you deliberately done it for artistic effect. That I can’t tell. And I do not have particular protest against under-expo. At least it will ever be better than over-expo ones


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