2885-003-0001I’ve been banned from Facebook for 7 days for posting the above image, which is deemed to be ‘inappropriate’ for displaying nudity, which is odd, because I can quite clearly see that Gianni is wearing jeans.

If you do need to get hold of me for business reasons (I do 90% of my work via Facebook), please contact me through Thank you. CNV00013


  1. Banned for this photo ? ( which is very good, by the way ). I don’t understand the “nudity” thing. All photos of swimmers, boxers, dancers, tourists on the beach… should be banned as well, then.

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  2. Sorry you got banned, the photograph is not only not insulting, but it is also a proper photograph. I am stunned to hear they ban you over it, when there is a millions of people sharing photos in their underwear (and without one , mind you) in shit quality and coupled with naughty offers in compensatio for coin. I just don’t understand punishing one out of the blue, and promoting and praising the other.

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  3. I’ve seen this before. Someone has reported the photo as inappropriate (probably out of jealousy or just for spite) and Facebook just ban the image without even looking at it. It’s an automated thing. If a few images are tagged as inappropriate, then it can trigger a temporary ban. I doubt a human at Facebook has even looked at the photo, or had anything to do with the process.

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  4. What. Your kidding. The term Farcebook springs to mind. That’s just bizzare. Very sorry to hear that. And I agree with one of your reader’s comments that by this rationale they would have to ban all photos with swimmers in them. What a joke.

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  5. I’ve been racking my brain over why this image was banned. The “jealous, arsehole” carries a lot of weight but even if it was reported why was it upheld? So I’ve been going through the “community guidelines” from Facebook, read everything I can find. I think I might have it worked out. We know the “Nipple Police” can’t handle a female nipple, but a male nipple is acceptable. Here’s the kicker… perhaps a male nipple becomes “a sexual fetish” when it is pierced and so, according to the leaked oDesk document it gets banned.

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  6. I think it might be because people are now really squeezing the equality sponge. If this had been a topless girl (with the same crazy-ass abs), it would have been banned, so why not this? Maybe that’s why.

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