2885-004-0003I finally got my latest batch of films back, I’d split a couple of batches between two labs – my usual, long-standing lab, Peak Imaging, and Mein Film Lab who are based in Germany. Both labs have provided good quality scans, although I think Mein’s are slightly better…however, Peak Imaging are quicker and cheaper, so I’ve yet to decide whether to switch, but I’m impatient and tight-fisted, which may win it over.

These are relatively low resolution scans from 6x9cm Kodak Portra 800 negatives, I’ve done a high res’ scan and the detail is incredible (I’ve not published it because every time I try to export it my iMac crashes…) I know it’s wrong to fall in love with inanimate objects, but I’m in love with my new Fuji GW690III, it truly is a thing of beauty and I’m pretty sure that if I lived in The United States of America I’d legally be allowed to marry it in some weird civil ceremony.

Pictured here are Gianni Fabrizio and Beckii Flint (aka Beckii Cruel). It’s the first time Gianni has modelled for me, but I’d definitely like to work with him again. Beckii is a regular, I love working with her, she also likes getting-up for shoots in the middle of the night – the shot below was taken at 5am. 2885-005-0001


    1. You’ve obviously not been following Phil’s work if you think he ever lost his mojo! I think you confuse his variation in subject matter with loss off style, but if you look closer, his style and motif are always there. I think Phil’s work gets better and better. You should look closer.


  1. Superb shots. I loved my GW690III too but I really didn’t like focusing with a rangefinder when shooting portraits. I’ve started using a Bronica SQ-A instead and I’m totally smitten with it. The Fuji has been on the shelf ever since. After seeing these shots though I might have to give the Fuji another go soon.

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