Big in Japan

1635-001-0001So I finally got some film back from the lab, it’s taken ages, and I’m not the most patient of people! But it was worth the wait, I hope. I’m shooting all my personal work on film now, the only digital camera I carry with me when I’m not shooting commercially is my iPhone.
The latest acquisition into my analogue armoury is a Fuji GW690III medium format rangefinder – it’s a beauty, and everything about it is BIG! Apart from is physical size (I’m 6’1″ and 105kg and it looks big in my hands), it produces a huge 6x9cm negative – if you want a quick idea of the surface area, take a credit card out – it’s 1cm bigger, length and height, than your Visa. You get 8 shots off one roll of film, so it really slows you down and makes you think. All 7 shots here are from the very first roll of film I shot, a roll of Fuji Pro 400H…for some reason I loaded the camera naked, so the first shot, taken accidentally, isn’t fit for human consumption.

These are just low resolution scans, but the detail is still incredible. 1635-001-0003 1635-001-0004 1635-001-0006 1635-001-0008 1635-002-0007 1635_003-S2-0008


  1. This is beautiful. Just send mine off to be developed today, should be able to get it back tomorrow. The waiting and the not knowing how it’s gonna be, such a beautiful thing on having a film camera.

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