Big in Japan

1635-001-0001So I finally got some film back from the lab, it’s taken ages, and I’m not the most patient of people! But it was worth the wait, I hope. I’m shooting all my personal work on film now, the only digital camera I carry with me when I’m not shooting commercially is my iPhone.
The latest acquisition into my analogue armoury is a Fuji GW690III medium format rangefinder – it’s a beauty, and everything about it is BIG! Apart from is physical size (I’m 6’1″ and 105kg and it looks big in my hands), it produces a huge 6x9cm negative – if you want a quick idea of the surface area, take a credit card out – it’s 1cm bigger, length and height, than your Visa. You get 8 shots off one roll of film, so it really slows you down and makes you think. All 7 shots here are from the very first roll of film I shot, a roll of Fuji Pro 400H…for some reason I loaded the camera naked, so the first shot, taken accidentally, isn’t fit for human consumption.

These are just low resolution scans, but the detail is still incredible. 1635-001-0003 1635-001-0004 1635-001-0006 1635-001-0008 1635-002-0007 1635_003-S2-0008


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