Needs must…

5I9A6835-Edit 5I9A7357-Edit-2 I’ve been shooting more film than usual this week, mostly film actually, due to the fact that someone stole my entire Nikon digital outfit, £8000 worth of uninsured kit (uninsured because of the circumstances in which it was stolen), over the Easter weekend. I am, needless to say, completely devastated, but worse things have happened in the world. All the images here were made using a Canon AE1, 50mm 1.8 lens and either Fuji Pro 400H or 1o year out of date Ilford HP5. I’m not one for begging, but I am considering some kind of crowd-funding event to raise the cash to buy at least some digital gear so I can carry-on working. Keep an eye out here – Phil Kneen Photography on Facebook 5I9A6823-Edit-Edit-Edit-2




  1. I feel so sorry for you. I quite know the feeling because I clearly remember the sensation when I realized my Canon was not with me anymore – but in my case I lost it because I forgot it somewhere. But all your gear, oh my God. I hope you manage to raise those funds soon, and anyway your work with analog is splendid! Congratulations!

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  2. Ufff I remember something similar during a wedding luckily for us the bag was heavy enough to get noticed
    bad for the one who tried to steal it… but if you remember the serials of your equipment you can try to do a reverse lookup with the serial number… perhaps with “GadgetTrak Serial Search” if the thief use it himself or sell it to another you may be able to find photos taken recently on the Web with the same serial number. Every time someone take a photo with your camera a lot of metadata is recorded. Information that may be vital to recover your camera. What a crap…

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  3. Man…I hate thieves. Like, really hate them. Most of us are not millionaires and work hard for what we have so to have someone knock you back because they are to lazy to work hard themselves. A generalization of course.

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  4. Stephen

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your equipment. I saved a whole two years to buy my stuff and I would be gutted if it got stolen.. Hope you get all or part of it back.


  5. Paul

    Some learning curves are steep but all insurance companies evil! Look up Insurance in the Devils Dictionary online!!! Shocking truth..
    Might take your film shooting to a new level A La John Canlas & Ryan Muirhead. All the best…

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