DSC_3824 DSC_2386I’m mad busy at the moment, so I thought I’d just post a few of my favourite images from the last week or so. I’ve photographed a lot of ladies, from 18 months old to my 95-year-old grandmother on her birthday. Variation – it’s what I love about being a portrait photographer!
DSC_3354DSC_4008 DSC_3844All the shots below were made using film, I’m shooting with an old Pentax SP1000 and a Nikon FM2, both of which have light leaks that I don’t want to fix because I really like the look!ย DSC_3822-EditDSC_3558-EditDSC_3571-Edit-2DSC_3958-Edit


  1. timtop

    adore the last one especially, but all lovely. You’ve been a factor in me returning to film for more of my stuff, by constantly exposing me to its finer qualities….

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  2. Helen Proctor

    Phil, I would kill to see you working, in action! You have a connection with people, but especially women that I have only ever seen in the work of the top portrait and fashion photographers. Beautiful images of beautiful women, every one of them.

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  3. holmesphotog

    Hi Phil, as ever, stunning portraits. Are you still using VSCO on your scanned negs? Or are these raw scans of the film?They look incredible.
    If so, what presets do you find you use the most often? The level of fade and desaturation in these is just perfect!

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  4. Lili

    Nice shots! I especially like the black and white one and all those containing the redheaded young woman, ESPECIALLY the one where she shows cleavage!


  5. Those are some incredible images. Of course, it helps that you have amazing models ๐Ÿ™‚

    All excellent, but my favorite might be the shot of the girl in the blue sheets. There is something comfortable and yet sexy about that scene. You clearly have great rapport with your models.


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