DSC_2622-Edit-2-EditIt really pains me that I can’t share these images of the stunningly beautiful, Joanne, on the social media platform that is Facebook, because the merest glimpse of a nipple can send some people scrambling for their ‘report’ tab faster than they get to church every Sunday. So here they are.

The top image was shot on film using an old Pentax SP1000, which I now realise has a light leak, but I think it adds to the look? The second image was made using a Nikon D800E and 35mm 1.4 lens.

I’m putting the top image into my ‘top 5 favourite portraits I’ve ever taken’. I haven’t asked her yet, but I think I’ll be photographing Joanne again…


  1. Jess

    Absolutely beautiful, images and model. Why people would report such tasteful pictures is utterly beyond me. The human body is amazing and beautiful and you’ve captured this perfectly. Portraits like this should be celebrated not censored. Lovely job Phil and Joanne.


  2. It is a crying shame that social media sites would ban such images. Some of the crap that is posted and allowed to remain on the sites is disgusting. You are not promoting or producing pornography, it is art. It is not even suggestive of anything else!

    People need to grow up and get their priorities straight, focus on what really shouldn’t be allowed on public forums.

    Your work is brilliant and if I thought differently I would not let you photograph my girls.

    Don’t let the mindless idiots temper your work mate.

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