Please release me…


Alex Debogorski, Ice Road Trucker

One of the main reasons for shooting my Spain project on film was because I wanted honest, straightforward portraits of people, shots like these can often seem unflattering and harsh to the sitter. I didn’t want to shoot digital and have the constant distraction of people asking to see the shots as soon as I’d taken them, not liking them and asking me to take another…or not take another and leave as quickly as possible! But guess what I forgot to do? Release forms.

I say ‘forgot’, but I hardly ever get release forms signed, it’s just not something I ever think about. But I’m suffering now, because the publication I’ve submitted the project idea to want releases, so today I have to email 32 different people and ask them to sign release forms, retrospectively. And guess what most of those 32 people are going to say – “Can I see the photo first?”

tony - Version 3
The Snow King
Coartguard, Yellowknife



  1. Ekkk, but as soon as they see them they will say äh go on then” they have to, if their pictures are anything like the pictures above they can hardly say no! Great work Phil

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  2. Those are some cool portraits above. I’d release those for sure, I think. I’d need to see it first. Is there another one of me i can see too? Maybe from the other side? The other side is my best side.


  3. Great portraits! I love them!
    In my case was sometimes like this… “can you also make some shots with my digital one to” ahh… that totally ruins the shooting. I promised myself to not do this again.
    Greets Peter

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  4. Oh bummer! Good luck emailing! I hope you’ll get some great responses. Nice photos, I like film. Not just because you can’t show people the photo you took, but also because you can’t see the photo you took 🙂

    Kind regards,

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