The things I saw #5

CNV00033-6Here’s a few more snapshots from my visual meanderings, all taken in Spain during January, in no particular order. All shots were made using an Olympus MjuII 35mm compact and Agfa Vista 200 film.

I’m going to venture back into the world of mono this week, a friend gave me 10 rolls of Ilford HP5 black and white film a while ago, it expired 5 years ago, but I’ve done a bit of research and I think it should be fine. I just shouldn’t try to eat it…

I’m also going to be playing with a new camera, well, it’s actually an old camera, a Ricoh GR1 that I lent my son about a year ago. I did own a GR1s about 10 years ago, it was a great little camera, but it got crushed to death when a friend wrestled me to the ground one night outside a pub. I spent the insurance money a digital Canon compact and didn’t return to film for years, but I’m glad I did.

CNV00028-5 CNV00024 CNV00024-8 CNV00024-3 CNV00023-5 CNV00016-5 CNV00027-4 CNV00029-2 CNV00031-5 CNV00002-3 CNV00002-8 CNV00009-6 CNV00032


  1. Helen Proctor

    You’re two totally different photographers, there’s your commercial work and your personal work, but still I see you in both sides, both superb…I think I might be a little bit in love with your photography, Phil!


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