The things I saw #6

CNV00003-2This is the last of the snapshots from my visual meanderings, all taken in Spain during January, in no particular order. All shots were made using an Olympus MjuII 35mm compact and Agfa Vista 200 film. I hope people have enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed taking and sharing them. Possibly not.

I need to start working on the project I was actually in Spain to shoot now, sorting out and editing portraits and contacting all the people to sign the release forms that I should have got while I was there…

CNV00036-9 CNV00010-13 CNV00003-7 CNV00009-10 CNV00007-3 CNV00036 CNV00034-13 CNV00034-9 CNV00030-2 CNV00029-9CNV00012-5 CNV00020-13


  1. I think you have captured some very nice memories with the little MjuII and really enjoyed the pictures. So much, that I’m seriously thinking about taking one of my analog cameras on my upcoming trip to Singapore. I don’t really want to take much gear but after your pictures from Spain, I’m very tempted to shoot some film over there.


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