Fade to grey

img259The temperature here on the Isle of Man was about 6 degrees yesterday, so as well as being beautiful and professional, I shall add ‘brave’ to the list when describing Beckii Cruel. Me and the rest of the team were kitted-out in coats and scarves, Beckii got to stand around in a thin dress (a dress that she made herself, I might add). This is about my 5th time shooting with Beckii, she’s always great to work with.

The plan for this shoot was completely different to what actually happened, for the plan we need low sun – there was no sun, the sky was grey, but we made the best of what we had. I shot a lot of this session on film, but here’s some of the digital and instant film images.

Thank you to Anna-Lucia Hair Studio and Kimberley Berridge Makeup Art – great work, ladies, as usual. Thanks also to Matt and Jess for the entertainment…

For the technically minded, I used a Nikon D800E with 24mm and 85mm for the digital images and Fuji Instax and Polaroid 600 for the instant shots. For film I was using Olympus OM10, Pentax LX and Pentax SP1000, all with 50mm lenses.

DSC_1670 DSC_1477 img258 I think I’m done with shooting Impossible Project Polaroid film, or at least until they’ve sorted-out their stability issues. The last three boxes I’ve shot, in two different cameras, have all been very ‘hit and miss’, to say the least, as you can see from the image above. I’m only getting one or two usable shots from each pack, which isn’t great when we’re taking £2.50 every time I press the shutter release…10991062_922308977793692_3042838296319078010_n


  1. Great shots! I also can see where you are going with the Polaroid issue. Not a stable medium at all…especially when doing something on a professional level.

    Like the title too… Fits right in with Steve Strange and his recent departing.

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  2. Thank you for the beautiful captures! Everytime I look through your work I’m inspired to pick up my camera and develop my photography.

    A technical comment: I’ve strayed from impossible film because of their instability, maybe it adds an ephemeral element to the medium? Not necessarily a good thing if you don’t have a scanner ready!


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