The things I saw #4


Here’s a few more snapshots from my visual notebook, all taken in Spain during January, in no particular order. All shots were made using an Olympus MjuII 35mm compact and Agfa Vista 200 film.

I used to hate walking, even a short stroll with the dog along the beach would leave me sweaty and achy, if anyone could find an excuse not to walk somewhere, it would be me. But that was a year ago, since then I’ve lost 5 stone (32kg or 70lbs), now I love to walk. You obviously don’t need a reason to walk, but having a camera in your hand is a great excuse to just wander, a reason to ‘be there’. The experience of having a spare day in a city, a whole day to just wander, drink coffee and take photographs is exquisite beyond words.
A lot of the images here were taken in Valencia, a beautiful city on the Eastern Spanish Mediterranean coast. I’ve been to this part of the world a few times, the light is always great, but in January it was incredible, even during the day, with clear blue skies, the brightness is never too harsh. I’d like to go back in the summer, however, I’m told that temperatures can reach the high 40’s…not for me!
CNV00028-10 CNV00018-12 CNV00001-10 CNV00008-4 CNV00007-6 CNV00013-7 CNV00015-10 CNV00025-11 CNV00026-11 CNV00030 CNV00032-8CNV00007-5CNV00002-2


  1. Firstly, congratulations of losing the 5 stone (wish I could lose my 3 stone), but I’ve literally worn my feet out with all the ‘power walking’ I did years ago. Now I wander in and around and all over the city, Botanic Gardens and beach slowly and Mindfully (having a medicated heart condition too). I always end up with swollen and very tender soles on my feet.

    But then I’ve been wandering most of the last 30 years. My paternal Aunt was the same. It’s almost as though I’m a frustrated explorer (of remote and distant lands that I can only see in my mind).

    I’m delighted to hear you’ve grown to love walking. I think we can sometimes get set in a lifestyle, or work flow, that stops us visually exploring the world around us. It’s easy as an artist to get totally absorbed in work and miss some of that everyday moments in urban life or the natural world. I painted in watercolours many years ago and some weekends I would paint non-stop for 15-20 hours (so much for sleep 😀 ).

    Nice collection of images of your time in Spain. If we didn’t have this visual ‘diary’ of our walks and travels, I think it would be easy to lose all those memories. I love these visual diaries of yours.


  2. Phil, there is a definite motif that runs though your shots, I’m sure I’m not the only one to see it? I could recognise one of your photographs a mile off, you have a style all of your own and that’s a very rare talent you have there.

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  3. Hi Phil, Seriously love your images. Love the colour, the crispness and the use of space. You are a storyteller! All the best, Aaron


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