The things I saw #3

CNV00005-4“If you were the last person on the planet, would you still take photographs?” – a musician turned that question on me after I’d asked the same question about her music, she said she wouldn’t, “what would be the point in playing music if there was nobody else to listen to it?” – well I had to disagree, I would continue to take photographs, because without sounding vain and conceited, I like looking at my own photographs. Yes, I love to share them, otherwise I wouldn’t bother with this blog, but I also have hundreds of photographs, not just of people, that I never show anyone. I suppose for me, and a lot of other people, photographs are a diary, something to remind, I just have two diaries, one of which I share.

So here’s some more pages out of my diary, my month in Spain. All the images were made using an Olympus MjuII compact camera and Agfa Vista 200 film…which if I did happen to end-up being the last person on the planet I wouldn’t be able to develop, and eventually buy…So I’d better start learning to play the guitar.

CNV00004-6 CNV00001-3 CNV00004-8 CNV00029 CNV00017-2 CNV00019-3 CNV00016-7 CNV00013CNV00025-4 CNV00006-9 CNV00006-11 CNV00003-4 CNV00012-3 CNV00030-3


    • These latest Spain photos are developed and scanned at Peak Imaging in the UK, they do a basic package, which gives scans plenty big enough for web use, for Β£8 per film, which is great value, seeing as the quality is so good.
      I do scan my own negs using an Epson V700, but I can never seem to get the colours right!

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      • Abigail Jane

        Thanks for the info Phil. That scanner looks neat! I’ve just won a bidding battle for an Olympus mju for a few euros on an ebay type site here in Holland! Looking looking forward to trying it out as I love looking at the results you seem to get from it. Loving film photography more and more!

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  1. …or you could develop an interest in black and white working and do it all yourself…. or maybe something in the ‘Alternative Processes’ area?
    I can’t imagine a time when I might not take photographs/digital images.
    I really like the photo of the guy and his goats.

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  2. Ardean Peters

    Agreed. I often wonder what people think of the photos I take of light and if they ‘get’ them the way I do – but I take them because they make me happy πŸ™‚

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    • CreatureLaurie

      Everyone sees things so differently, so I guess you can really never know. But I think it would be sort of sad if we took all of our pictures thinking of what others will think of them. Going to check out yours now!


      • Ardean Peters

        So true. And maybe that is what’s cool too, to actually hear what other people see in my light photos, how they perceive it, things I might not have noticed. You are a seamstress and photographer. Me too πŸ™‚ (Well, Fashion Design school)

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  3. CreatureLaurie

    Ha! I love looking at my own photos. The reason I take them is because I find the subject interesting or beautiful enough that I want to look at it over and over again. Great set, as usual.

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  4. I can’t believe that musician made that statement, Phil.
    If I was a musician, I would be making music for the share joy of playing and listening *as well as for others). Just like you I make photos for myself too. I often make them indoors (which I never share either). I’m constantly ‘practicing’ and ‘challenging’ myself to capture scenes or atmospheres or images that tell a story. I like still life and the composition. I like those little ‘snippets’ of the everyday, or ordinary, facets of our lives.
    How many painters or artists spent a lifetime painting and lived in poverty (and its only hundreds of years later that their paintings have made millions and hang in galleries) – surely they painted for the love of it? I suspect forgers paint for the financial rewards though, not for themselves or others.

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