The things I saw #2


So, here’s a few more snapshots from my visual notebook, all taken in Spain during January, in no particular order. All shots were made using an Olympus MjuII 35mm compact and Agfa Vista 200 film.

The only slight downside with shooting film is that there’s no metadata built-in to a negative to show where and when the image was taken or what settings were used, not that that’s important, but I’m not one for taking shot notes, so these images are in a totally random order. Having said that, I do remember taking each and every shot – the shot above was taken in a hotel in Almeria, the car park is halfway between Bergerac in France and the Spanish border, me in the bath is Valencia and the abandoned cafe is in Albox. I don’t generally caption my photos either – ‘Me in my pants. Almeria’? …No, I don’t think so.

CNV00011-12 CNV00016-9 CNV00029-13 CNV00033-11 CNV00001-8 CNV00034-4 CNV00003-3 CNV00007-12 CNV00009-3

I’ve had a lot of messages over the last few days from people wishing to try film photography, which really pleases me! I think what we need to remember is that most people under the age of about 25 have probably never shot film, so it is all a bit daunting, but it shouldn’t be. I would urge anyone wanting to venture into the exciting world of celluloid to start off with a good quality point and shoot, preferably something with a fixed lens like the Olympus Mju, Minolta Hi-Matic or Nikon TW20, all of which I use. They’re called ‘point and shoot’ cameras for a reason, they really are that simple. Once you’ve mastered composition and the general ‘feel’ of film, then move-up, if you like, to an SLR.

One small tip – film photography is making a massive comeback, in fact the renaissance is in full swing, secondhand film cameras are becoming scarce and the prices are going up by the day…

CNV00027-12 CNV00026-9CNV00009-4 CNV00020-9 CNV00010-4


  1. Your use of composition and light are masterful. Don’t ever downgrade your art as ‘snap shots’!

    Oh, by the way, you are my favourite photographer of all time, and your biggest fan, probably 🙂


  2. I used film before, I would never go back to film. Although the finish of a film photo is different, it’s way too expensive. I’ve learned more in one year with my DSLR compare to 14 with film. With DSLR you can try new things, experiment and take whatever photo you wants, with film it came at a cost


    1. I’m not saying digital is a bad thing, or that film is better, they are two different things, I shoot film and digital differently. If your only reason for not shooting film is the cost, then I understand, but that can really be the only argument.


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