Hasta la Vista, baby!

CNV00006-10I got a pile of negatives and discs back yesterday, the fruits of my 5 week project in Spain beautifully processed and scanned at Peak Imaging. As soon as I got the scans up on my iMac screen I slipped further back in love with film and became even more disillusioned with digital photography. On each disc I had 36 completely different images, because when I’m shooting film I don’t feel the need to shoot 20 or 30 almost identical shots ‘just in case’, with analogue I just shoot one frame, or in the case of portraits, three or four. I’ve no idea why the beauty of celluloid is always a huge revelation to me? I’ve been shooting film and digital, side by side, for years.

All the images here were shot onto Agfa Vista 200 film, £1 a roll, and currently unavailable from anywhere that I know of, which is causing me major anxiety, because I love this film, not only for the fact that it’s a pound a roll, but because it looks amazing, it’s rendered the warmth and soft brightness of southern Spain perfectly.

…I hope my very good friend, Andrew Otten, has lost interest and stopped reading by this point, because I shot all of my project portraits on a Pentax LX and 50mm 1.2 lens that I borrowed from him…that camera is currently in Liverpool being repaired after being crushed between me and a Spanish pedestrian crossing. Sorry Otty…

CNV00004CNV00022-9 CNV00031-7 CNV00019-10


  1. You won’t be borrowing that lens again then!
    Nice portraits – though I wonder if there isn’t a danger of tending towards a slightly distorted perspective on some of the really close up ones. The last one is a particularly nice portrait.
    I do a bit of black and white but I’ve a film that’s still waiting to be developed from before Christmas.
    For me, film is too expensive to use at a rate of any more than one frame per subject – I try to keep digital to a similar rate but it’s daft not to the additional advantage digital can give.


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