The things I saw #1

CNV00032-3I spent the whole of January in Spain shooting a project about British expatriates, all of which I photographed using a single Pentax 35mm film camera and standard 50mm 1.2 lens. In the almost 5 weeks that I was away I kept with me, at all times, an Olympus MjuII 35mm ‘ultra compact’ camera, I even took it into the bathroom with me and when I slept it sat only a few inches away on a bedside table. I shot 18 rolls of film with this camera alone and for all of that 98 feet of celluloid I stuck rigidly to the discipline of only ever taking one shot of each thing or scene that caught my eye. I shot out of car windows, hotel bedrooms, rooftops and cliff tops, toilets, cafes, restaurants, in the road and on the road.

So, that’s 648 banal, but individual, images of the things I saw. Here’s a few of them…I’ll post more over the next few days.CNV00015-4 CNV00017-12 CNV00011-11 CNV00036-4 CNV00036-2 CNV00034-2 CNV00032-5 CNV00029-6 CNV00020 CNV00019-12 CNV00021-4 CNV00023-4 CNV00027-5 CNV00013-8 CNV00013-3 CNV00018-13


  1. Katie Waters

    Can I say it? Can I say that I see you on the same level as William Eggleston? Because I do! You have the most incredible eye. Banal?! Your images are the very antithesis of banal.

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  2. Banal, maybe. But as a whole they work as a visual record of being there. That beats hands down “dramatic sunsets”, “long exposure piers”, etc etc. Post more, let us piece together the bits in between. Great stuff as always Phil!

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