My latest return to shooting film is lasting a bit longer than expected, I normally shoot a few rolls then slip back into the sterile convenience of digital, but not this time! I always have a film compact in my camera bag, either an Olympus MjuII (which all the images here were made with) or a treasured Minolta Hi-Matic that a good friend bought for me last autumn. One unpleasant thing I have noticed is that the price of film has rocketed, I’ve seen places on Amazon selling single rolls of Kodak Portra for nearly £10, which is a worry, because my stash of 50, £1 a roll Agfa Vista is nearly gone. I wonder if you can sell kidneys on eBay?

I’ve written a few articles in the past about my love of film, so I won’t labour the point, but for anyone looking to get back into shooting film I would highly recommend this 45 minute film, it pretty much sums-up all the reasons why more and more people are picking up film cameras again – LONG LIVE FILM
img207img234 img226 img188


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