CNV00022-4“I do have a personal discipline of only taking one picture, of one thing…not two” William Eggleston

“I’ve never been able to take a picture with a digital camera, because I look at it on the back of the screen, then I try and do a better one, then a better one…then I don’t know what I’m doing”Richard Billingham

“The photographer has been a slave to the camera for a long time. Photography is not about the camera. Of course, we need a camera. If we want to write a romantic love letter, we need some tool to do it with, but anything, a pencil or a ballpoint pen, is fine” – Nobuyoshi Araki

I left home over two weeks ago, although it actually feels like months, in all that time I haven’t even taken my Nikon DSLR’s out of my camera bag, not once. But I have shot 15 rolls of 35mm film, using just two cameras – an Olympus Mju and a Minolta Hi-Matic, both bought from second-hand shots for less than £10 for both.

15×36=540 – that’s 540 totally individual images, so far, that I won’t see for at least another three weeks…

All of the images here were made using Olympus Mju, Holga, Nikon FM2 and Mamiya 7…it doesn’t really matter which is which.

101 13 img451 img449 3 img381 img114 img024 img508 img084 Luka

CNV00006 - Version 2 polo 1 4


  1. Some stunning images in this post. I really like the abstract of the flowers in a vase – very interesting. The little girl with wet hair is also gorgeous, but you always taking superb portraits (so that is to be expected).


  2. Wonderful shots. I’m a recent convert to film only. I actually find I take more pictures now (I didn’t take many at all before, even with digital) because when I see something really beautiful that I know I want to look at again, it is worth the effort and money to figure out the settings and get it developed. And I love the suspense. I keep telling people that I’m trying to simplify and slow down my life. I’m really enjoying it this way.


  3. I alwyas feel as if I am reentering the world from a different place with each picture you take, different from what I understood before on a few levels–and the experience is excellent. Such a gift–light and form responds to your eye and vice versa. Thank you.


  4. Just bought myself an Olympus point & shoot from Ebay for £17 for the same reasons you mention. Looking forward to throwing the first roll in.


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