Hasta ahora, todo bien …

Processed with VSCOcam with e2 presetHasta ahora, Todo bien… So far, So good, or at least I think that’s what it means? I used Google Translate, so it could say anything? I once used Google Translate to send a birthday message to a Swedish friend on Facebook, he hasn’t spoken to me since…

So far, so good? Not quite. I shot a project in Yellowknife, Canada, a couple of years ago (it’s actually still an ongoing, long-term project), I arrived there with my good friend, and writer, Trevor Gibbs, one Sunday afternoon in early September, we had absolutely no idea who or what the project was going to be about. I still don’t know what that project’s about, but maybe that’s a good thing? We arrived in the far north of Canada with no preconceived ideas…

Not so in Spain. For this project I had a firm idea of who, and what, I wanted to shoot and document – British Expatriates, here for a reason. Unfortunately it’s for those very reasons, whatever they might be, that people aren’t too keen on having their photograph taken. I’m staying in Seron, a small hillside town an hours drive north of Almeria, it’s a beautiful place, but there aren’t many Brit’s here. So, I’ve spent the last week drinking wine, cooking, writing and visiting other towns, one such town was Albox, but Albox is another blog article in itself, for all the wrong reasons…

I’m shooting this project on film, so more iPhone photos I’m afraid, and some iPhone photos of some instant film I shot on my drive south. I’m editing everything with VSCOcam, which I’m really starting to like.

…that’s pretty much all I have for the moment, news wise. The house, below, is where I’m staying. All the houses look the same, or all the doors look the same. I’d like to go out for a walk, but I’m scared I’ll got lost. In a bar.

IMG_0149 IMG_0178 Processed with VSCOcam with e7 preset


  1. oh man! i love to read your thoughts. great to be lost in a bar 🙂
    i don’t know how do you find all these strange and not strange projects.
    i was invited last month to shoot some “behind the scenes” for the TV serial season 2. something very popular in my country about the everyday life of orthodox ppl. they don’t got the idea that “behind the scenes” is about the process and not the real movie scenes just with stills camera. sad but the fact..have a great day !

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  2. I second Susan’s thought, I’d totally read once of your books. Just curious, I want to start dipping my toes in to film and was thinking Instant was a good place to start. (Not many local spots around me that still develop film, I’d have to sent it via snail mail.) Do you mind sharing which camera(s) you use and why you like it (them). The images look more like Fuji and less like the Impossible Project stuff you’ve shown in the past…


    1. Thank you!

      Yes, that’s Fuji Instax Wide.

      In the UK I buy packs of film (2×10 shots) for about £13, which is a lot more reasonable than the IP, which is £15 for 8 shots.
      The cameras are readily available on amazon and eBay, I got mine as a gift, but I know you can pick them up for about £50 new

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  3. So do you walk the almerian towns asking the brits if they want their photograph taken? Now i am interested to see the result!


  4. Phil, a mutual friend put me in touch. I’m in a small town just outside Almería, you interest me, we should meet-up. I’m hiding. You’re looking. I like what you’re looking for.


      1. Wow! My Dad is from the Isle of Man! Graham Teare, he lived in St Johns until about 10 years ago, he now lives in Madrid. My mum is Spanish.

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  5. I love your blog,your thoughts,your photographs! You make me want to pack a bag,grab a camera and take-off…maybe I will? You inspire me,you inspire others,I’m sure.


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