New Year Resolution.

CNV00009696270226_oI said to my friend, “If you’re ever in the pound shop and you see any rolls of 35mm film, buy a load”, well she did, about 50 rolls, she even separated the 24 exposure films and only took the 36 exposure rolls. Excellent work! So for the last few months I’ve been shooting a lot of Agfa Vista 200. A few days ago, in the pub, photographer friend of mine started telling me that it’s actually made by Fuji or someone, he then went on to tell me it’s not a great film, something about the latitude…it was at this point I started glazing-over and thinking about whether to get another Guinness or go onto the rum & coke?

I think it’s a great film, actually, I don’t think these low resolution scans really do it much justice, but it just looks good. What more can I say? As with all colour print film, I over-expose every shot by one stop, because unlike digital, you can’t burnout the highlights with colour negative film, so burn away and get some details in those shadows, I say.

I like this film so much I’m using the last 25 rolls to shoot the majority of a project in Spain over the next month or so. CNV00008 CNV00006 CNV00002 CNV00001

My good friend Ben came over this morning, we’d been out partying all night, celebrating the arrival of 2015, I got home and into bed by 6.30am, Ben woke-up in his flat, in bed and fully clothed at about 2pm, he has no idea what time he got home, or even how he got home.

We’d planned this shoot in the early hours of this morning, the original idea that Ben would be naked, apart from a sock to cover his ‘meat and two veg'”, but by the time Ben arrived at mine, at about 2.30, we’d both changed our minds and the clothes stayed on. Not even the six sugars that Ben takes in his tea could ease the massive come-down he was experiencing. And yes, I did say six sugars…

For these shots I used Impossible Project Color 600 film, developed using the hot water technique (submerge your prints in 80 degree C water for 5 minutes)IMG_0028

ben Untitled-ben

I’m going to be in France, Spain and North Africa for the next 4-6 weeks shooting a project, follow my exploits in various locations. I’ll warn you now – I don’t have space for a laptop, so I’ll be doing most of my blog articles for the next month via my iPhone…

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  1. Not that it matters, but your friend is wrong. In 2009, Agfa split the company in two. Agfa-Gevaert and Agfa Photo. It’s mostly for legal and financial accounting purposes. Agfa Photo is more consumer oriented, while the main company is more industrial/commercial. Who actually makes the film in 2015? Who knows? Like just about all films it is probably made by some company you never heard of in Shenzen, China.

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  2. Steven Lawrence

    So you shoot the film at speed indicated and process as 200 speed film but during the image creation you just overexpose by one stop whatever the meter says is correct exposure. Sorry for rehashing what you said but I just need to make sure since I do shoot film now and again and always try to pick up tips from others.

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  3. steve mol

    Nice shots, particularly the first two portraits. Like the look of this film, will be keeping an eye out for some in the future. Just getting back into film again myself after a long while with an old Rollei 35 I got off Ebay. Awaiting first developed roll with baited breath…

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  4. Laura Norman

    Hey Philly! I love your website! Your photos and writing are SO great. I want to see a book, I also want to see you working in London…as close to me as possible!! Take care in Spain, beautiful man XXX


  5. That film is way better than it should be for a pound a pop. Last time I was in the bloke on the counter thought it was a pound for the whole brick. I hesitated, but I had to point out his mistake in the end. A tenner is still a good deal….

    Couldn’t make my mju II work like you do though. Just goes to show, it’s not the camera…..

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