Instant Hit

Untitled-1I’ve no idea how they make instant film at the Impossible Project Polaroid factory over in Holland, and to be honest, I don’t think they do either. Over the last year I’ve shot maybe 30 boxes of their Color 600 instant film, I don’t think one box has given me the same results as the next, or the one before it, ever. I’m not sure if there’s any correlation between output consistency and the fact that the factory is based in a country where smoking vast amounts of weed is legal and acceptable? I have noticed though that there isn’t any ISO or quality control mark on the box… But having said all that, I love Impossible Project instant film. I don’t love the black and white version, now that is impossible to use, but the colour emulsion, despite it’s drug related identity issues, is superb.

111I’m shooting a not so impossible project in Spain next month, I am going to shoot on 35mm film, but with this latest batch of IP (top and third down) I’m considering doing the whole thing on instant.

One little tip for anyone shooting this inconsistent junkie film, and I’m not laying claim to this being an original idea, it’s just basic chemistry – even after about two hours, your IP film won’t have fully developed. To finish it off, submerge your sheets in a pan of water at about 80 degrees C ( I just do 4 to 1 boiling/cold water) – even prints that you think are unusably under-exposed will come to life (as below. These were totally black/dark blue, even after 180 minutes) Untitled-3Untitled-2Impossible Project Black and White film – the messed-up heroin addict of the instant film world – not even slightly amusing and best avoided. Untitled-1


  1. I think your results are excellent, the shots are beautiful. I once worked in a facility that manufactured color film and paper and I can tell you that it id an extremely difficult process to get right and maintain consistency. In those days, people did not like surprises.

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  2. I love instant film too, but IP has a price a bit high for me right now. I like your black and white photos (I’ve never tried that film), although I prefer the coloured ones 🙂
    Thanks for the tip by the way! I’ll try that on my next IP film hehe
    I hope you have a good time in my country 😉

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  3. I’ve only shot two Impossible films so far, and actually really liked the results I got from the black-and-white film – kind of dreamlike. But the tip for the colour film is excellent as those shots never seemed to really come to life. Now I’m going to have to try colour again.

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