Get flash.

DSC_0270-2DSC_0408-EditI don’t know what I was thinking? Organising an outdoor shoot, in December, late in the afternoon? When I arranged this a few weeks ago I’d completely forgotten to take into account the fact that it’s dark by 4pm. My model, the stunningly beautiful Emma Haren, didn’t go into makeup until 2pm! By 3pm I was starting to panic a bit… “Okay, we’ve got about thirty minutes of available daylight left…let’s go!” – I used that half an hour of daylight as economically as possible. Then it went dark.

I have a kind of Yoda attitude when it comes to using flash – do it, or don’t do it. I don’t pretend I haven’t used it, I like that stark, brash, in-your-face look. Direct flash is unforgiving, but with a combination of Emma’s unblemished skin and Charlotte Easton’s superb makeup artistry I had nothing to worry about there.
DSC_0452 DSC_0247-2 DSC_0437 DSC_0148DSC_0428



  1. Ines

    I got a used flash from someone this summer but haven’t use it yet because I really prefer shooting with natural light. However this post and the other one you did in which you wrote “If I’m using flash I want it to look like flash” are starting to change my mind and I think I will try it soon. It makes sens what you say, if you use flash then just own it 🙂


  2. J.J. Sommer

    Great set, my favourite being the one with the hand reaching in to fix her hair. I’m planning a shoot for late winter/early spring, my first big set shoot, and this lighting is exactly what I have in mind. Just got an SB-700 and will be spending the next couple months practicing to create this effect. Saw your behind the scenes photo on Facebook, appreciated that. Thanks again for sharing!

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