Charlotte Bawden

DSC_0107I first spotted Charlotte about three weeks ago, she was working behind a bar I was in, celebrating my friend’s birthday. I don’t generally approach potential models myself, my PA Ciara does that normally, I’m actually quite shy when it comes to asking people to pose! So, I didn’t ask her and kicked myself for a week…then I got a message off Charlotte, saying that she’d love to model for me, if I needed anyone. Everybody happy!

18 year-old Charlotte has a classically beautiful, arresting Scandinavian look, with stunning eyes, I think you’ll agree.

Makeup artist, Kimberley Berridge, did her usual excellent job giving me the ‘natural/no makeup’ look. Working with Kimberley is always great fun, she even doubles-up as an assistant too!
DSC_9872 DSC_0246 DSC_0044 DSC_0201


  1. I’m curious…your models/friends always look like they’ve grown up in front of a camera…they look so “normal”…as someone would when they are speaking directly to you. Relaxed would not be the perfect descriptor. Perhaps…comfortable is better.
    How do you do that…put them in that state, that total comfort zone? Always stunning shots, Phil. In admiration, Raye

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  2. J.J. Sommer

    I love taking candids, but have never been excited to do posed portraits. Reading your blog has really changed my outlook on the subject. I really love your portrait sets, thanks for sharing them!

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