Sarah Puzzar

DSC_9494-EditDSC_9802I’ll be totally honest, I wasn’t looking forward to this shoot with Sarah at all, I’d been dreading it all week. I never normally shoot with artificial light, but for this I knew I was going to have to. I arrived at Sarah’s flat at about 3pm, when I got upstairs I was surprised to see how much daylight was still available, so we banged-off a few shots in the bedroom before it got too dark. Then it was out with the flash, mounted on the camera to give that harsh, start look. If I’m using flash I want it to look like flash. Within about an hour we’d finished and I had a glass of wine…then another, then another. I woke-up on Sarah’s sofa at 8.30am this morning with a shoot to get to by 9am…

I used Nikon D610 and D800E with 24mm and 35mm 1.4 lenses. I also took a few shots using my trusty Olympus MjuII film compact.

DSC_9754 DSC_9668 DSC_9467 DSC_9758


  1. I”m with Andy. I like the feel of your images. Our portrait sessions tend to be all light and fluffy and yours are raw and gritty yet still pretty. Would love to watch you work with your subjects. All of these images are wonderful but my favorite of the bunch is her smoking a cigarette while she goes through her makeup bag. I am always looking forward to seeing what you will do next.

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  2. steve mol

    Nice shots. I would say that shot 3 is my favourite. It is the only one that isn’t posed, but to me is the most interesting, more documentary than portrait.


  3. Percival J Snodgrass

    Love these photos.

    Sarah is a beautiful woman and you have really captured that in so many different ways, from being strong and unconcerned, squatting to sort some pens to looking vulnerable, not quite nude, in the shower.

    Inventive and varied and I love the use of the light, , almost not quite bright enough in some,but accentuating her form and highlighting her skin designs, and almost, so very almost too bright and over developed in the others but not quite, gives them a ‘supernatural/unnatural’ edge…

    And those eyes…


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