Kate Teare

DSC_7907DSC_9180I’m having a bit of downtime at the moment, enjoying the quiet period that is normal at this time of year. So I’m seizing the opportunity to shoot a lot of portfolio work. This week I photographed the very beautiful, Kate Teare. Kate went into makeup at 9am, was out by 10am and we were finished shooting by 11.45am – that’s what I like, no hanging around! Charlotte Easton did an amazing job with the makeup, as expected, and this time I did listen to her professional advice and took some lip gloss…

Model – Kate Teare
Makeup – Charlotte Easton
Assistant – Gita Chik

DSC_9054 DSC_8082 DSC_7925 DSC_7872


  1. WBb

    Naturally, super without makeup ,Katy is among those rare endless creature you spot sans etre draw a look that one steal near. All I’m saying, Kate Teare, please don’t get downtime can be you. Move out and get going.
    Happy days to you happy everyday and love for you.


  2. Beautiful and intense. You have the talent of getting your models to visually express themselves. The best example maybe the one with the scarf. Kate’s intensity seems to match the intensity of the sea and the weather.


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