This is who I am…

DSC_7499-EditI thought it might have happened a few years ago, but it didn’t, it only came to me a few weeks ago – I finally decided what it is I am. I’m a portrait photographer. Yes, I’ve always shot portraits, however, I’ve also shot a lot of other stuff, but I don’t want to do that anymore. I just want to photograph people. I think if you’re going to be serious about anything you have to get to that point, the point where you say to yourself, “This is what I do, I don’t care if a lot of people don’t like it. This is who I am”. I’m a portrait photographer.

Top to bottom – Richard Plumley, Gem Lloyd-Jones, Ciara Kilgallon and Shauna McCallion

DSC_8172-Edit-Edit DSC_5700 DSC_8016-Edit


And this is who I am…. photo of me by Ciara KilgallonCNV00034


  1. Jay DeFehr

    I came to a similar conclusion about my photography, many years ago. The only kind of photography I’m interested in doing is portrait photography, and I’m more interested in portraits than in photography. If I had to choose between drawing portraits and photographing buildings, I’d draw portraits. But I don’t go so far as saying, “this is who I am” — my interest in portraits is just one of my many interests, and not my identity.


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