Lip Gloss

DSC_8163Whenever I’m working with make-up artists, no matter what the model looks like, I always say the same thing when they ask my what look I want – “Keep it natural” is my stock answer. I’m not a fan of overly made-up women in everyday life, so I tend to prefer, given the choice, natural looking when I’m photographing them. If I’m photographing a beautiful woman on a windswept beach on the Isle of Man I don’t want her looking like she’s going out clubbing in Manchester, or even worse, coming home from clubbing in Manchester.
Now I’m no expert, but I imagine that make-up art is one of those things that anyone with a few bits of Max Factor and L’Oreal and an aluminium cosmetics case thinks they can do. Not so. I use a couple of great MUA’s – Kimberley Berridge and Erica Stephenson, both fantastic MUA’s who can produce exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve also used a few who produce exactly what I’m not looking for.
Because I like a bit of variation, this week I added Charlotte Easton to my list of go-to make-up artists for a shoot with the very beautiful, Gem Lloyd-Jones. The sign of a great MUA is when you can turn-up at their studio with a model, tell them exactly the look you want and then disappear to drink cups of tea for an hour, which is exactly what we did with Charlotte. Gem looked fantastic.

One thing I have learnt this week – if a make-up artist suggests you take some lip-gloss with you, then take the lip gloss. Trust the professionals…

DSC_8430 DSC_8088 DSC_8234-Edit-2


  1. Just beautiful. I love that natural look and it’s not always easy to achieve except with ‘young’ beauty and fine unblemished skin. Love your model’s blue eyes too.

    I’m 60 and have worn lip balm, lipstick (my lips are deathly pale and I always look ill without a bit of lipstick) AND lip gloss on top all my life (that I can remember).
    It’s the lip gloss that suits any age and as long as its not over-done, looks completely natural.

    Up until I stopped work and mixing socially, everyone and I mean everyone, was always asking what I used on my lips. I might add that at 60, I have none of those fine lines that we older women get around our lips. Seriously. It’s using a light lip balm since about the age of 18 or 19 and keeping out of the harsh sun that has kept those lines at bay.

    Correctly applied light lip gloss is a girl’s (or woman’s) best friend.

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  2. Great photographs Phil, I am so on the same page with you. The make-up should match the setting and surroundings, just like the outfit and hairdo. And not just everyone can apply make-up. There’s a difference also between every-day make-up and photo-shoot make-up. Great work, and kudos to the MUA.

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