“Did you shoot any film?”

CNV00004-6CNV00022-4Whenever I’m shooting on digital, whether it’s commercial or personal, my PA always tells me to shoot some film too, and she always makes sure I have! My go-to film camera for the past few months has been an old Olympus Mju-II 35mm compact (recently replaced by a Minolta Hi-Matic), it’s always in my bag and I always try to use it whenever I can (honestly I do, Ciara…). I use whatever film is cheapest, for the last few months it’s been Agfa Vista 200 from the pound shop, but they never have it in now, so I’m going to have to search for more elsewhere.

I think that whipping out a tiny film camera during a shoot really disarms people, they don’t know what to expect…but that’s the beauty of film photography – even I have no idea what to expect!

All images here were made using the same Olympus camera, Agfa film and were processed and scanned at Peak Imaging in Sheffield. Follow me on FACEBOOK for more images and general ramblings.

CNV00036-2 CNV00034 CNV00026-4 CNV00009-4 CNV00008-2 CNV00006-6 CNV00009-6 CNV00007-4 CNV00001 CNV00002-7 CNV00015-4 CNV00005-2Olympus_mju_ii


  1. I love this set and it’s nice to see how different film is from digital. The is so much more mood. I often use an iPhone as a second camera on commercial shoots and that is really disarming and even alarming to my subjects, especially the ones who pay me to take the photos. the iPhone is also a great discrete camera for street and candids. I’m often photographing when it looks like I’m buried in my little phone like everyone else.

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