Things I saw

Untitled-1img784I’ve just returned from a fairly epic 4000 mile drive from the Isle of Man, through England and France to Southern Spain and back, a journey that was commercially unsuccessful, due to a string of vehicle breakdowns, but not unenjoyable. I’ll go into details in another article…

I took my Fuji Instax Wide camera and a couple of boxes of film on the road with me, stopping and photographing whatever caught my eye, one of the many benefits of travelling alone. I know these kind of shots aren’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, they are just snapshots, but it’s the kind of photography I really love. Here are a few of my favourites.

img779 img799 img798 img797 img793 img790 img791 img792 img788 img789 img786 img787 img795 img794 img785


  1. The color and perspective in these images really gives a feel about the arduous nature of your long journey and the unexpected events you had to overcome.

    It’s a very realistic looking set of images, Phil 🙂


  2. I really like this collection of images. You’ve managed to really capture a topographical style and there is the use of space and landscape in a more contemporary style. They strike me as being in a similar vein to that of the new topographics photographer, Stephen Shore, whose work I really admire. Nice work!


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