Liverpool L8


“I’m being slowing drawn back into the seedy underbelly that is live music photography…”

This weekend I’ve been in Liverpool, combining business with pleasure. My original plan was to just hang-out, see friends and visit pubs, but on Friday night I ended-up in Psych Fest, an annual music festival held down on the dock road near the now closed Cains brewery. I only photographed one band, and that was JIBÓIA (below) who I think are from Portugal, wherever they’re from – they are superb! My 15 minute photo session at the front of the stage resulted in me being asked outside for a fight by another photographer, he was upset that the singer wasn’t paying him any attention, I think. Anyway, I’m not a fighter…

Over my two-day visit I also did some promo shots for the excellent Baltic States. Due to time constraints caused by an extended brunch and a late night before, we did all the shots outside the bands house in Toxteth. It all went better than expected, thanks, in part, to a rogue pit bull terrier…



  1. What must have been a nice experience. Meeting other artist of whatever art-form is always inspiring. The first photo is sublime, the dog adds so much energy in this photo! The collection of the singer on stage is a wonderful addition and the in last photo you made the right choice going black and white with a nice long shadow. Beautiful!

    Kind regards,


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