Start them young…

SDIM0572 img435Over the autumn and winter I’m going to be organising and running film photography workshops for kids. Shooting film is a great way to get kids, most of whom have never seen a roll of Kodak, interested in photography. I will be running these workshops totally free of charge, however, I do need cameras, lots of cameras…

If anyone has any old 35mm compact cameras lying around (and a lot of people have them in kitchen drawers) that they would like to donate, or if you’re passing a charity shop, that would be much appreciated. The more basic and easy to use, the better. I picked these cameras up in various charity shops, all cost less than £4

If you would like to donate a camera, please bag it up and send it to –

Bridge House,
6 Bridge Street,
Isle of Man,

Thank you 🙂


  1. Totally cool idea…especially when so many kids don’t know what a camera is! I kid you not – my day job is a school photographer and the amount of times when I am taking groups I have to say “everyone looking at the camera” they say….where is it, is it those umbrella things? I think kids have gotten so used to i-phones and dare I say it…i-pads for taking selfies etc they have no concept of photography. A real shame.


  2. I loooove film. Really. I have been trying to get back into black and white photography, but resources are not as abundant here. I have also jumped on the bandwagon and started on lomography too. Is that still considered traditional, even though every output is pretty much preset?

    Fantastic initiative by the way! Film is always better. I hope kids appreciate the beauty of it and realize iPhone selfies are nowhere near film portraits.


  3. I recently did this with disposable cameras with a group of 10 year olds, over a period of a week. They really enjoyed it and we got fantastic results back! Most surprisingly (and shocking, I should add!) was how none of them knew what to do with the
    cameras; why there was a limited amount of pictures; and most importantly why they couldn’t ‘delete’ once they’d taken a picture… – loved it!


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