“I don’t get it?”

DSC_0691-Edit-2“I don’t get it?” – I get that statement a lot about my images, people want to know what it all means, why are there two naked ladies in the background of that photo of Lee? Why are they wrapped in cling film? Why is he just sat in his bedroom?  Well, and I hope I’m not going to disappoint anyone – there’s no hidden meanings, I just thought the naked ladies would look cool, cling film looks nice, aesthetically pleasing. A lot of people asked me what was the meaning behind the images of Beckii Cruel (below), was I inspired by ‘Lord of the Rings’? Is there hidden connotations? No, we decided we’d like to shoot Beckii, I thought woods would be a great location, my friend and PA said “Hey, let’s get some horses and a big flower head-dress, that’ll look cool!”. And so we did.

I held an exhibition a few months ago, portraits of people who interested me, more than once I overheard someone say “I don’t get them…they’re just photographs of people I don’t know”. Yes! That is all they are, there is nothing to ‘get’.



  1. Steven Lawrence

    I think your images are interesting in the way they are portraits that are occurring amongst creative backgrounds or atmospheres.The backgrounds evoke a certain mood or story and each person who views the images can interpret the the person and their setting according to their own experience in life.


  2. The people who don’t get the light & creativity of your images obviously have no idea how difficult taking Photos can be. A ‘happy snap’ is so 2 dimensional, but a great photo that draws your eye into the frame and around the composition seems much more 3 dimensional.

    We all like different forms of art. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.


  3. The humanity you capture, the unique qualities of each form and feature–the personhood of each, frivolous or somber, penetrating or glib, complex and ever-changing even as your “shoot”–it’s all great stuff. And I thoroughly enjoy the props and scenes. Thanks!


  4. obzervashunal

    First, I think your work is fantastic! You have many eye-catching images and concepts. Second, I believe for many people looking at an image, especially when it belongs to a gallery showing or similar display, ‘expect’ an explanation first and allow their minds and feeling to create its own explanation second! It’s as if many people have lost or never developed the capacity to simply allow themselves to feel and imagine without being told…

    Hope my rant isn’t too overblown???

    Bottom line: I like your work. I allow my mind and feeling to roam free over the images. I like to believe I get more ‘mileage’ by doing so!

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  5. DC

    I think your images are impressive and I enjoy your blog. I will say that I think there should be something behind the photos we take. There should be some meaning, they should be trying to convey some feeling or thought. Particularly if we are going to be putting them on display for the public. Otherwise what’s the point of any of it, of the work and the skill that goes into the photographs? If the maker of the photograph, who put in work to create something, doesn’t think much of their photograph other than, “it looks nice,” why would anyone else think anything of it.

    I understand wanting to guard against the accusation of pretention but those doing the accusing are just the haters, right?

    Keep up the impressive work!


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