DSC_0347One of the things I love about portrait photography is the way people can look completely different in every photograph I take. There are so many variables that affect the final image – the sitters mood, my mood, how well we know each other, light, temperature…the list is endless. These portraits were made days apart, weeks apart, there’s a couple with a few years gap.

One thing I noticed, straight away, when selecting these images is how the look of my images has changed, but my technique and the way I see images hasn’t.
DSCF2360 DSC_0455

DSC_4109DSC_2771-Edit DSC_3183DSC_5161-Edit

water  796DSCF3976-Edit-EditSDIM0257DSC_9083


  1. The 5th and 7th (both B & W) portraits are the best (IMHO).
    I see inside these people (in your images), whereas some of the others seem to be a little posed. I think some people just bare their souls and thoughts and connect with the camera lens. I guess some of the best fashion models are paid for their ‘connection’ with the lens.

    I wish I had the opportunity to make some portrait images, but I don’t. I find it fascinating how some images talk to me and some don’t and by attempting some portraits myself, I might be able to narrow down the difference.

    The 4th image (colour) and the 12th image (B & W) have that sense of you just capturing a moment in time. It’s almost as though you spoke some unspoken words and they turned to reply (with their eyes).


    1. Thanks, Vicki šŸ™‚

      All of my subjects know they are being photographed, so they are all ‘posed’. In my opinion, if someone doesn’t know they are being photographed then that image becomes something different, reportage, action, or even a snapshot.


  2. These are truly wonderful! I think they play very interestingly with the idea of identity and the concept that it’s always changing, you’re never really teh same person you were a year ago, a week ago, maybe even a day ago. I love it.


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