On The Cheap

1I was talking to someone at a party the other night about film photography, she said she wanted to shoot film, but that the film and the equipment, even second-hand, is very expensive.
Well, all the shots here were made on Nikon TW20 and Olympus Mju2 compacts, which both cost less than £30, using Agfa film which cost £1 a roll from Poundland… I’ve also just been informed that ASDA do a develop and scan for £2!

I don’t often repost older images, but if it gets even one more person out shooting film, here are a few of my favourite 35mm film compact images from the past couple of years.

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  1. A stunning collection of photographs. I especially like the photo of the water reflected leaf-less tree, and the one of two people’s shadows. Who are they, I wonder?


  2. Phil, I wouldn’t recommend ASDA for processing and scanning. Quality of processing varies from store to store and the scans are too sma to be useful for anything other than emailing or web. You can find professional processing and scanning for not much more cost than ASDA. Try Ag Photographic for example.


  3. Phil – following your work was a big influence for me getting into film. I am using small cameras from thrift stores and am amazed at how good they are (Olympus XA, XA2. Pen half-frame are my favourites right now). So you have already influenced at least one person to shoot film.
    I do my own scanning. Good processing here in western Canada is about $5 roll (without scanning). Film is about the same and up to $10 for less common brands.


  4. Stunning.

    Just love those tree images. There’s something about film that takes me back to the best times of my life (i.e. my twenties). Film just has something special about it.


  5. Hiya!

    So, I’m multitasking – supervising my kids eating dinner, scrolling down this post, listening to Dear Mr. Fantasy and polishing off 1.3 litres of beer – and I go, to quote myself exactly, “Rosemary, have you finished your oh ooooh oh,” cos I just got to the ‘flowers in a vase through the frosted window’ shot. Yummo.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to finding out why my son is standing in the corner with no clothes on and stopping my daughter doing a haka in the middle of the room so she can get back to finishing her soup, and opening the next rigger of beer.


  6. Ah yes, somebody told me the same once when I suggested he could shoot just some film while his DSLR was at the shop for repair. He also said that it would be too expensive as he would need so many shots to get the pictures right…um…well…
    I still remember how happy and kind of amazed I was a couple of months ago when I bought a Hasselblad that cost less than my Canon EOS 650D. I now have 5 film cameras (plus a few disposables) and interestingly, the cheapest one, a DIY Recesky TLR that weighs only 200 g when loaded with a roll of film, is one of my favourites.

    Unfortunately, developing film is not that cheap here in German and high resolution scans would probably cost more than 1 Euro per picture(!) so I bought a scanner last year and do it myself now, it’s good enough for the blog anyway. Of course, it will always cost you something while digital pictures are basically free but then there are these wonderful moments when you get your developed film back from the lab, it’s so totally worth it. I mean just look at the colours. The pictures taken by the sea are my favourites here.


  7. Great photographs! I especially like the ones with the fog and the last one 🙂
    So jealous that you can have film for £1 and scanned for £2! Here in Spain both are pretty expensive…… v.v


  8. I guess I’m one of those who likes film photography. Though it is expensive I still find it enticing to use rather than digital. The satisfaction I get from film is different. ^_^


  9. I really like this collection, it shows a wonderful use of textures, often juxtaposed against one another. Your use of light and colour composition is also very clever. I don’t shoot on film but think that film has a depth to it, and a nostalgia, that can’t be achieved by using digital. Inspiring to say the least…

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