1. I agree – but it’s mainly the overused ‘fade’ look that stick out with VSCO users. Some of the standard early presets (superia/portra/tri-x etc.) I still use, but they just function as quick-fix contrast/tonal improvements, especially if you dial down the grain and any split toning. Like any other tool in the box, some people know how to use them subtly, and some don’t (I’m looking at you, over-Clarifiers). But yes, we’ll look back on all these crisp full frame digital shots with hugely faded blacks and whites in years to come and know instantly that they are from the Age of VSCO.
    Love your portrait work and honest writings btw – a regular inspiration (even though I don’t shoot actually shoot planned portrait work myself, some of your musings are universal)


  2. Steven Lawrence

    I shoot both film and digital and I love the look of both. I shoot each differently and that provides an excitement I look forward to. You have a style that can go with both and yet brings out different nuances according to what you shoot with. Thanks for the mentoring.


  3. Oh, really? Maybe this is only because all these guys are just trying to copy each other rather than finding their own style and/or voice. I started to use the VSCO software a couple of months ago and my pictures never looked like yours and also not like anything I shot on film. I’m still experimenting a lot with photography (it’s been only a couple of years for me) and enjoy exploring different options and styles, for that VSCO is a nice option to have. However, you already have a very good idea about what you want and how to get there so everything will be fine, with or without VSCO. The first image here, showing Ciara in the red swim suit, is definitely one of my favourites form you, it’s absolutely wonderful.


  4. Agree 100%. Sometimes it feels like people see the process as the end point, not if the actual image is worth processing! The red one, red then more red, a difficult colour captured beautifully.


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