Part of the process…

img769Contrary to fond belief, I don’t normally turn-up at photo-shoots with no idea what I’m doing, although this can sometimes appear to be the case, especially on Sunday morning shoots…
Most of the images I make have been preconceived, for all projects I will sketch-out ideas, possible models, locations and props. Some of the ideas make it, some don’t. (some people don’t make it either, sorry, Porscha!)

Anyone familiar with ‘The Life, Aquatic’ and an exhibition of portraits I showed last March might recognise some of these sketches.

img771img772upimg770Below are the sketches for ‘The Life, Aquatic’ project.

img774 img773DSCF0931


  1. Love the shot of the man on the bed with the coffee mug – reminded me of 17th C Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. There’s a ‘stillness’ & light to your image that reveals much more than the actual model’s pose. There’s a Photographer from Melbourne who’s very good at this type of image too.


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