Shoot. Raw.

img768Anyone who knows me will know that I like cameras; but not in an obsessive, collecting way, I just don’t like to get stagnant by using the same equipment all the time. Having said that, for commercial work I am pretty much set in my ways, I know what I like and know I like the Nikon D800E and 35mm 1.4G combo’. For personal work, it’s different – I’ve got a couple of compact 35mm film cameras on the go at the minute and a stack of film waiting to be set off, I also have two Holgas loaded and ready for action. However, what I always find myself coming back to, time and time again, is instant film – Fuji Instax Wide and Impossible Project 600 (I shoot colour and mono, but I much prefer the IP colour)

I love the brutal rawness of instant film. Here’s some of my favourite shots from the last few months.

img761 img700 img748 img755 img767 img766 img763 img764 img705 img753 img758 img759 img762 img765 img760img722Follow me on FACEBOOK!Ā 


  1. I love the raw look of instant images. I have bought a Polaroid Onestep last year but left it in the Netherlands at my parents home after purchase.. I had to pack light… In september (that’s very soon!!) I finally get to try my baby out. I am so excited šŸ™‚


  2. Just love the model with the black hair, black lipstick and leather jeans. She is just so photogenic.
    Strange to say, but she reminds me of my youth and living in London in the late 1970s. Your model is like a female counterpart to my then boyfriend (in his black jeans).
    The image with the ‘flying hair’ outdoors is also a stunner.


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