Second time lucky…

DSC_6311I first shot Beckii Cruel about three months ago, it was a Sunday morning, which I recall very clearly because I’d been at a party until 4am and slept in the back of my van, I was woken by my PA, Ciara, at about 9.30am, the shoot was at 10am. I drove the 2 miles from  where I’d crashed-out to pick Ciara up, she administered orange juice and paracetamol and declared me unfit to drive, so she did. When we arrived at Beckiis, me wearing the same clothes I’d slept in, I took a few Polaroids and a few digital snaps, but I did get a couple of images that I really liked. As soon as we got back in the van Ciara said, “You need to shoot her again, something…bigger”, I agreed. So last night we did…


Model – Beckii Cruel
Hair – Anna Lucia Hair Studio
Make-up – Erica Stephenson
Nails – Christine Cowley
Flower head-dress – Heidi Keane
Horses – Rachel Quayle
Transport and general help – Kris ‘Hoss’ Fargher
And a massive thank you to Ciara Kilgallon who arranged everything and everyone, handled horses, made things happen and put together such an amazing team of people.DSC_6260DSC_6195img743


  1. You are lucky to have Ciara …….it must be lovely to work with someone who will help and encourage you to create your visions. Here, Beckii looks like she could be trying to find the lampost in woodland Narnia, love it.


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