Never work with animals or children…

DSC_3731I’ve realised that I am actually a little bit scared of snakes. I’ve also accepted that photographing a snake and a beautiful naked lady, without it looking totally corny and cliché, is actually quite difficult. They say you should never work with animals or children, well this week I’m working with all of them – kids, horses, dogs and a 7 foot albino python.

Also this week I’ve photographed musician, Helen Morrison, who was on the Island for a mysterious flying visit, and musician, International socialite and fashion icon, Lily Wolter.
DSC_5787 DSC_5689


  1. chrislavaud

    We must leave the animal at a respectable distance, shame about the girl! Yet beautiful photos Phil. I see that you are using a Nikon 800E, a dealer discouraged me, blur on shooting hand up !!? the 800 is currently at a good price, have you encountered this kind of problem? Thank you.


  2. thomasd30

    I just discover it, and I really like your blog and work. I really like the story you tell to us with the second picture (with this “blured line”, the eyes looking outisde of the picture, the concrete aspect of the back…). A really nice work as many on your page.


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