Good Times


‘I’ve been stood-up by a ginger man model. Are there any other pre-twenty-five year old ginger men in Peel? (willing to go in the sea fully clothed)….a ginger girl would also work’

Professional photographers aren’t entitled to bad days, we either have good days, or REALLY good days. Whether it’s paid shoot, or a personal project, professional photographers have to come-up with the goods after every shoot. For me, today was a really, REALLY good day. Today I’d organised to meet a male model for an organised shoot, but he didn’t show-up, so I advertised via social media for an alternative – Sarah (above) volunteered straight away. The final image is one of my favourite shots this year, thus far.

Also on this day, my really, REALLY good day, this shot turned-up on a disc in the post – it’s one single frame I shot on 35mm film during a shoot a few weeks ago. I made the shot using a compact Ricoh GR1S camera and Kodak Portra 800 film (pushed to 1600). It’s a session I did with my good friend, tattoo artist, Lee. I love the shot, it says ‘Album Cover’


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