Trente-cinq millimètre


I get asked, at least once a week, “How do I make my images look as though they were shot on film? What’s the best film look software?”. Well, the answer to that question is always the same – “Buy a film camera, buy some film, and shoot film”

To be honest, I haven’t shot film for a while, so I took my Olympus Mju-II and a few rolls of Agfa Vista+ 200 film on holiday to France with me. I love the Mju, it has to be one of our photographic modern classics – compact, stylish and it produces great images. Why Agfa Vista film? Because it cost £1 a roll in the local Pound Shop, no other reason. I had the film (I only shop one roll) developed and scanned at the Intermarche, the hypermarket close to our family home in Bergerac. I think they did a pretty good job.

Every time I get a film back I promise I’m going to start shooting more again, I still love how it looks, the fact that what you see is what you get, nothing on these shots has been edited. These are ALL the images off the disc…
Untitled-1 DSC_2694DSC_2794DSC_3218


  1. I love shooting film but don’t have a camera to shoot it with anymore. I know, I can find cheap ones all over. But I like a camera that I fell in love with 🙂 I do still have a Polaroid landcamera but the film is difficult to come by and quite expensive!


  2. This is so true. I also got some of the VSCO Film packs and while they are great, it’s still not the same. About three weeks ago I was looking at the developed pics from a roll of Kodak Gold which I bought in the drugstore and was totally amazed how beautiful the colours came out. And pretty much like you, I always make the promise then to shoot more film, to find the time for it and really make it happen.


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