The Spice of Life

DSC_2702DSC_1161If variety is indeed the spice of life, then my working week has been like a delicious Vindaloo curry. I’ve been working as stills photographer on a production being shot on the Isle of Man, ‘Muck’, which is being directed by Sonya Quayle. It’s been a lot of fun, although I have experienced everything from cold and wet to borderline heat stroke!

I also spent the day shooting promotional material for musician, Davy Knowles. I’ve worked with Davy a few times before, it’s always fun. The only problem we experienced was the weather – far too bright and sunny, a rarity on the Isle of Man.

DSC_2334-Edit DSC_2165 DSC_2428 WP_20140717_17_26_12_RawI posted the image below on Facebook, almost immediately people started saying that the top of the container isn’t straight, but it is! I think the shadows cause some kind of optical illusion?


  1. hi Phil
    these days i’m working on the “behind the scenes” of shootings of feature movie. despite to the missiles attacks from Gaza and very hot weather these days (32-35C every day) , whole staff working very hard on scenes and drinking water all the time.
    i love your story expressed with the images and have to say that container is straight ! absolutely !


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