DSC_1288-EditMy good friend, Lee, has been plucking-up the courage to get naked in front of my camera for a long time now, but he does it so well. I take portraits that I hope will make people feel good about themselves, there doesn’t seem any point otherwise?
I’ve recently found myself having to defend the content of my photographs, which irritates me a bit, they’re portraits, nothing more, there’s no hidden meanings. I see these type of shots as visual story-telling, like single frame movies, but with no script, no beginning and no end. Viewers can read into these shots whatever they like, but I feel sorry for anyone who sees anything seedy or pornographic (which people do, unfortunately)

Also pictured here is the very beautiful, Susie, who acted as an extra.



  1. Sudarshan Mondal

    I am a huge fan of your work!!! I always get inspiration from what you do… feel that your single frame has many layers of interpretation… and this is pure artwork nowhere near indecent. Please keep sharing and inspiring us, thank you.


  2. As a lover and collector of vintage portraiture, a lover of faces, and storytelling, I find these images fascinating. They are indeed one frame movies and despite the subjects being the same in each shot, there is a different theme and story in each. I look forward to seeing a lot more of your work.


  3. I echo what everybody else has said, Phil. There is nothing pornographic in your images! There’s a big difference between art and pornography, and I don’t think you’ve ever crossed that line. Keep on taking portraits however you want to! They’re great! 🙂


  4. Ines

    I like what you wrote: ” I take portraits that I hope will make people feel good about themselves, there doesn’t seem any point otherwise?” – That’s so true!
    Keep up the good job and don’t worry too much on explaining yourself and your work 😉


  5. Obviously ‘those’ people have no understanding of art, or of life it appears. Have they ever set foot in a museum? I am consistently enthralled and inspired by your photographs. Have been since the first day I laid eyes on them. Keep doing what you do (not that you need me to give you permission).


  6. I’ve always wanted to take provocative sensual pictures with great tones in black and white, but in this part of the world that would be blasphemy. I congratulate you for having the guts to post these aesthetic pictures of man and women with the bodies they were born with. It’s not good or bad, it’s what it is the human body—flesh and bones. Thumbs up!


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