Alive and kicking

img743I’ve recently been accused of not shooting film anymore, of abandoning something that I fought to save for so long. Well it’s not true, film is alive and well and I’m still using it. Okay the price of film has become astronomical, it’s almost doubled in price over the last year, but if I’m careful, that’s not a problem, I just concentrate more and take half as many photos.
But yes, I’m still shooting film, I always have either a Polaroid 600 or a Fuji Instax, both instant film cameras, with me on shoots, personal or commercial. I also have an Olympus MjuII film compact tucked away in my bag somewhere. Okay, I’m not shooting as much medium format film at the moment, but I will, I’m taking my Holga Pan wide and 20 rolls of Kodak Tri-X to Norway next week.

So accuse me of lots of things, most of them will probably be true – but I am still true to the cause!
img746 img744 img745Top to bottom – Beckii Cruel, Emma Poyntz, Lorna Cubbon, Jess Kneen, Ciara Kilgallon



  1. Sudarshan Mondal

    I like your style of writing and presentation. You make your photograph and story both equally interesting. Great work sir!!!


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