The Spirit in the Sky

DSC_9083People ask me, all the time, about my lighting technique – what lights do I use? How many? How do I position them? What about soft boxes and reflectors?…well I’ll tell you.

I sold all my studio lights about three years ago, and even when I did have a full set of Bowens Gemini lights, I never really used them. I use one light, the big studio light in the sky. As for technique, it’s all quite simple – learn to know exactly where the sun is going to be, and at what angle, at all times of the day (this is a great website – SunCalc), study how clouds diffuse light and how natural and man-made objects can be used as reflectors. Understand that there are no rules – shoot into the sun, at midday and in the middle of the night and use the moon. If it really is too dark to shoot, then you should either be in bed or in a pub.Dylan LaBlanc 8 DSC_9017 2


  1. Daimler Naranjo

    Maravilloso trabajo y la explicación excelente.Lo que no cambia es que el factor humano finalmente es el aporte que lo hace único,felicitaciones Phil Kneen


  2. Emilio Pasquale

    Well said. The lighting on your first subject- OK, all of them but especially on the skin of the young girl- is so subtle and delicate. As for me, late at night I will be in bed or in a pub! Thanks for the suggestion.


  3. Ste Gerry

    I’ll be honest, I don’t understand all the fuss about your portraits? You just stand a person in front of the camera, tell them not to smile and press the shutter release. I can see that your work is fairly technically competent, but apart from that? As I said, I can’t see the appeal.


  4. Great work and good advice 🙂 Natural light is perfect, and you can twist as much you like, of course I am not just so talented with it, but I am willing to learn and love to play with it 🙂


  5. Excellent advice. We tend to rely on the technical rather than the natural uses that the environment offers. Your excellent photos proves your point. Thank you for explaining in concise and a decisive way.


  6. I will follow your advice and try to shoot more natural light. I checked the website you mentioned and it will be great help. But sometimes the weather conditions are not great and because I’m not a photographer I just play around a bit and I can’t rearrange a shooting. In this case what do you recommend?
    As well ISO, I’m very afraid of increasing it and ruining the image.
    What is your opinion about it?

    I love your work!


  7. Your Photography has that charm of imperfection and ancient, of the handcrafted mixed with a tremendously serious look sometimes it is Impressive and disconcerting. Images that react like elements of a chemical reaction between the photographer and viewer. (ok I’m talking nonsense ;P) You found your workflow and your portraits are great.


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