Suz and Simon get hitched.

DSC_8057I’ve just returned from a most amazing long weekend in Inveraray, Scotland, to witness the marriage of my close friends, Simon and Suzy. I wasn’t there as official photographer (I don’t generally shoot weddings), but I turned-out to be the only photographer there, so I willingly took-on the role! It was great just being able to wander round taking portraits of whoever I liked the look of…oh hold-on…that’s what I do anyway!

I took a lot of photos, and I drank a lot of booze…these are just a very small selection of my favourites from the day (the ones that are in focus)

DSC_7886 DSC_7829 DSC_7919 DSC_7976 DSC_7668 DSC_7735


  1. LOVEEE the one of the man in the orange shirt. definitely a favorite. glad you were able to capture such a beautiful moment for your friends ❤


  2. You, as ever, capture the moment so brilliantly. You are a true friend and one of the greatest photographers out there. Fact… Thank you for sharing our day; we love you…


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