DSC_7520I published the photograph, above, yesterday at 2pm on my Facebook photography page, by 2.25pm somebody had reported it as being ‘offensive’. It utterly amazes me what that you can post on Facebook images of dogs being boiled alive, drug taking and war violence, and nobody bats an eyelid, but post a perfectly tasteful portrait of a beautiful woman with a bit of nipple on show and you get crucified? Bizarre.

Anyway, here she is, the very beautiful, Ciara.


  1. Well, honestly, aren’t some people just too uptight for their own good. What is the problem with these two stunning and thoughtful pictures? Is it because they are photographs and not oil paintings? Multiple layers of astounding hypocrisy.


  2. Very Beautiful images.. I completely agree with you but you have to remember taste is very subjective.. A few years ago I posted images of my wife in a tank top and jeans on our bed. My MI thought the pics were racy lol.. I was like oh wow SMH


  3. There are some very dull, small-minded brainwashed bigots around of which you have been a victim.

    It is a beautiful photograph which is a piece of art and should be seen as such, any “dirt” is in the minds of those who are (or claim to be) “Offended”, but are probably just jealous of beauty and talent.


  4. That is Facebook for you… full of hypocrisy and double standards… I really can’t understand Facebook’s logic… what is more offensive a portrait like above or a beheading which are allowed to remain on Facebook


  5. Our society seems to have an issue with nudity, but not with violence or offensive language. Your work is beautiful, even if some people can’t see it that way.


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