Coast to Coast

DSC_6987I’ve been trying to write this article since I got back from Spain on Tuesday, but I’ve had a lot on and I’m finding it very difficult to write at the moment, for some reason? Anyway, this was my second trip to spain in the space of a month, I returned again to shoot more promotional images for Valencia based Saxophonist, Simon Taylor. I also did a few more shots for my close friends, musicians (and hosts), Simon Campbell and Suzy Starlite (below)

On Saturday we did a 600km drive from Valencia to San Sebastian where Simon and Suzy were performing a gig. While in this beautiful Basque city I met-up with fashion designer and model, Benedetta Orsoli, and did a quick shoot with her. I photographed Bene the first time at 11pm, outside a party in the street, I love the raw quality of the orange street lights. The second shot (top) is slightly more conventional.

Right, I have to go and catch-up with about 6 weeks worth of MA course work….

DSC_6096-Edit DSC_7187 DSC_7268DSC_6431DSC_7329Thank you to the wonderful Mari Flowers (below) for her wonderful hospitality in San Sebastian. DSC_6637


  1. What I love about your work is not just your ability to capture a person’s soul in their expression, it is interesting compositions you put them in that makes the whole photograph go beyond being a portrait.


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